Venture tutition fee map

Tuition fees in Europe – a lot less than the UK

Studying in Europe clearly has some big advantages over going to university in the UK (for English students anyway) – and one of the most significant areas is cost. Most EU universities charge considerably less than the £9K per year demanded in the UK. But almost all EU universities do have tuition fees ranging from a few hundred pounds up to about £2k per year. Take a look at the detailed country and university pages for details.

It’s vital to think carefully about how you are going to fund your studies abroad. As an EU citizen, you have the right to pay the same course fees as any EU national and you are eligible for a tuition fee grant if the country you’re apply to has them.  But there is no ‘right’ to any financial assistance for any other expenses.

How about ‘part time’ studying abroad – with the Erasmus Scheme?

Have you thought about taking part in an exchange program like ERASMUS.  It’s one of the best ways of studying abroad for at least part of your degree.  ERASMUS enables students to study or work for between 3 and 12 months in more than 30 European countries.  In some cases, you could even get a travel grant or a maintenance loan while you are abroad.

The great news is that students don’t have to pay tuition fees while they study abroad – and what’s more, if you spend a full 12 months studying abroad, your UK university will not charge you tuition fees for that year. Find out more at