Welcome to the September Update from Venture

We can hardly believe that the new academic year is already upon us! Whilst students (and hopefully plenty of staff) have been away enjoying the summer, we have been busy updating the website.

The most obvious thing that you will notice is that we have reorganised the site structure to make it easier for users to find the information they need. We have also expanded some sections but more on that below!

The autumn term is a time when students (particularly those in their final year) start to think about their future. Regardless of their background and career goals, we believe that young people should at least be made aware of international options when making these decisions.

As a Venture subscriber you already have access to many tools, events and resources which can help and so we thought the start of term was the perfect time to give you some hints and tips for making the most of these.
Happy reading,
The Venture Team

Making the Most of Your Subscription
We have a confession to make…we have been spying on our subscribers. Specifically we have been monitoring how people use the site to help us tailor our service to better meet your needs.Through this it has become clear that not all of our subscribers are making full use of Venture, something you may have seen reflected in the update emails we have started sending out.

In particular, it seems that students are not always aware that they have access to the site, or what information they can find on there. Yet, the good news is that student engagement is not that hard to improve!

Several subscribers have made small changes in recent months in how they promote Venture – from including articles in student newletters to adding banners advertising the site to internal student webpages.

The results have been astonishing, with usage improved by over 400% across the board. Most effective has been strategically placed web banners as these have been shown to produce the most sustained levels of engagement.

With this in mind, and to help all our users make the most of their subscription, we have developed a suite of graphics for use online – ranging from web banners to infographics. In addition we also have more traditional leaflets and infosheets available for use in the classroom or in careers libraries.

For more information or to request some of our additional resources email venture@aspire-igen.com.

Stand Out in a Global Market
As we are sure many of you are aware, Venture is part of aspire-international, the UK national centre for international careers advice. Therefore, we are delighted that aspire-international’s event series, Stand Out in a Global Market is back this November.The free one day events are aimed at 16-18 year olds and look to provide young people with information on all the different international opportunities available to them.

This year events are taking place in:
2nd November – Glasgow

9th November – Llandudno

17th November – Leeds
The day combines presentations, interactive workshops and an exhibition, with gap year organisations, international universities etc. on hand to answer any queries.

The programme is also full of presentations by people just back from experiences abroad, meaning that students hear first hand accounts of why they should explore the world as part of a study, work or volunteer experience.
Feedback from previous attendees has been overwhelmingly positive:
“It was superb! Very welcoming, helpful and interesting”

“It was great to hear people’s experiences around the world. It was inspiring”

“I found that the real-life stories and personal presentations given were incredibly useful in realising how achievable and fairly straight-forward a gap year really is”
For a taste of what to expect you can watch the videos from last year’s events on Venture.

To register your institution to attend one of the events email sogm@aspire-igen.com.

New On Venture
One of the most common requests from users is for Venture to contain a database of courses taught in English at international universities.At last count there were well over 8,000 such courses taught in countries where English was not the official language, with tens of thousands more in countries like the USA, Canada and Australia where English is the lingua franca. Therefore you can image what a large task compiling all of these would be.

Nevertheless we have made a start! We are working our way through the top 200 ranked universities in Europe, collating the different courses they teach in English at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

We have begun to publish our findings on the site – with more to follow over the coming months.