There are a number of reasons why you may decide to take time out on a gap year. You may want a break from studying to recharge your batteries before continuing into further education or employment, or maybe a period out from work to reassess your career plans.

The great thing is that, as well as being a lot of fun, a gap year can provide positive benefits for your long term career. It gives you the opportunity to gain new skills and so improve your chances of finding employment or gaining a place on a course. Benefits include the opportunity to experience a new culture and new way of life, meet new friends and increase your confidence, maturity and life experience. You will also likely improve your language skills along the way.

A successful period abroad can demonstrate that you are culturally mobile and this is highly valued by many employers. Indeed research shows that people with international experience are paid on average £2000 more than their peers doing the same job!

However don’t just take our word for it. Below you will find a playlist containing videos from a range of different people talking about their time abroad and the great opportunities and skills it allowed them to develop. These were filmed at Stand Out in a Global Market, an event series we help to organise. Leading employers, universities and gap year organisations are invited to the events so that students can hear first hand accounts of the amazing possibilities open to work, study and volunteer abroad. For more information and to find out where your nearest event is email