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Lying at the centre of South America, Bolivia is one of the continent’s most bewildering countries. From the Salt Plains in the south to the Amazonian swamps in the north, there is always something new for visitors to discover. The country is also very ethnically diverse, boasting the largest percentage (62%) of people from indigenous backgrounds on the continent. This is reflected in the countries official name, the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

However in comparison to many of its South American neighbours, the country remains a relatively unexplored location. Whilst this means that Bolivia’s underdeveloped infrastructure can frustrate visitors, there are also many hidden gems to discover. Indeed scientists are discovering new animals and plants within the country every year!

Bolivia is a constitutional republic governed by a president. The current president is Jeanine Áñez who came to power in 2019, replacing Evo Morales.

Evo Morales is not the only famous left-wing politician associated with Bolivia. In the mid-1960s Che Guevara led a guerrilla organisation in the country. However someone gave his location away to CIA operatives and so his time in Bolivia also saw his demise as he was captured and killed.

At a Glance Facts

  • Language – Spanish, Quechua, Aymara + 34 other official languages
  • Population – 11,639,909 (2020)
  • International Dialling Code – 591
  • Time – 4 hours behind the UK


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South America

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