There is more to Japan than sumo wrestling and sushi!

Japan is an island nation in East Asia.  The characters that make up the name Japan actually mean “sun origin” explaining why the country is sometimes called “the land of the rising sun”.

Japan is made up of over 6,000 islands – the four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.  Tokyo and the surrounding area has over 30 million residents and is the largest metropolitan area in the world.

Japan is a constitutional monarchy and the chief of state is Emperor Naruhito since May 2019 but he actually has very little power – the country is led by the Prime Minister of Japan and members of the Diet which is Japan’s legislative organisation.

Japan is a world leader in technology and scientific research  and is often at the forefront of new innovation.  Japan also leads the way in robotic research and creates more and more advanced lifelike robots every year.

The Emperor of Japan is the ceremonial Head of State and the Prime Minister acts as the Head of Government. Political power is held by the Prime Minister.

At a Glance Facts

  • Language – Japanese
  • Population – 127,185,332 (2018)
  • International Dialling Code – 81
  • Time – Japan is 9 hours ahead of the UK



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Far East

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