Top view of Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, an EEA country,  is located in central Europe and is doubly landlocked which means it is surrounded by other landlocked countries, those being  Switzerland and Austria.

Liechtenstein is a very rich country and has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world and also has an extremely low unemployment rate which is currently under 2%.

The country was established within the Holy Roman Empire in 1719.  French and Russian troops occupied Liechtenstein during the Napoleonic Wars and in 1806 it became a Sovereign State before joining the Germanic Confederation in 1815.  The current Prime Minister is Adrian Hasler who was elected in February 2017 for a second time.  The head of the constitutional monarchy of Liechtenstein is Prince Hans Adam II.

When the Confederation dissolved, Liechtenstein became independent in 1866.

Liechtenstein had close ties with Austria until the end of World War 1 but the damage to the economy which was caused by the War meant that Liechtenstein had to align itself with Switzerland in the form of a customs and monetary union.

A little known fact is that Liechtenstein is the world’s largest exporter of false teeth!

At a glance facts

  • Population – 38,155 (2018)
  • Dialling Code – 423
  • Time Difference – one hour ahead of the UK
  • Language – German Alemannic dialect


Ave. Summer Temperature:
Ave. Winter Temperature:
Swiss Franc
Location / Status:
Europe, member of the EEA

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