North Macedonia

Macedonia is situated in South Eastern Europe and gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 but Greece objected to the new name as it is considered a Greek name (millions of Greeks identity themselves as Macedonians) and there have been delays in international recognition.  In June 2018 Macedonia and Greece resolved the issue and agreed that the country should be called the Republic of North Macedonia – this renaming came in to effect in February 2019.

Kastoria and Orestias Lake

North Macedonia is a parliamentary democracy with an executive government.  Elections are held every 5 years. The current President is Stevo Pendarovski who was elected in 2019.

At a glance facts

  • Languages – Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Roma, Serbian
  • Population – 2,085,051  (2018)
  • International Dialling Code – 389
  • Time – Macedonia is one hour ahead of the United Kingdom



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EU Candidate

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