Major Student Cities in Lithuania

Student Cities in Lithuania
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Vilnius is a tiny but very modern European city. It is the capital city of Lithuania and a political, economic, cultural, educational and trade centre of the Republic. Despite its size it’s also the biggest town in the country with a population of about 550 000. There’s lots to do and see - tiny winding cobbled streets, sheltered courtyards, as well as an ‘eccentric’ and eclectic art and music scene and a vibrant café culture.
Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania and is well worth a visit. The Old Town is jam packed with some fascinating architectural monuments, such as the 13th century castle and the town hall, known as ‘White Swan’. The beautiful old town hall square is one of the most important architectural aspects of the town and harks back to the Middle Ages. The Avenue of Freedom (Laisvės alėja) is a 1.7 km-long pedestrian street, connecting the new and old parts of the city. Visitors can take in the shops, cafés and bars without the worry or distraction of cars.

Kaunas is a city of students and sportsmen, with about 50,000 students enrolled in its universities. Kaunas is the home of the famous basketball team- Zalgiris. Although Kaunas is called the city of students and rich in cultural, sport and students’ events, it is also an important industrial and cultural city with a population of over 350 thousand.
Klaipeda is the third largest town of Lithuania and worth a visit for its culture and architecture. It’s also the northern most ice-free port in the Baltics and the only sea port in Lithuania. Klaipeda State seaport is the most important and the biggest Lithuanian transport hub, connecting sea, land and railway routes from East to West.

Klaipeda cherishes many marine traditions and has hosted the Sea Festival on the last weekend of July every year since 1934. This attracts people from all over the world. It’s renowned for its vibrant music scene – several festivals of both classical and popular music and concerts are held here. The International Pilies Jazz Festival held in late June is a real fiesta for music lovers, with new world class stars performing every year. During the summer Klaipeda becomes a centre of tourism with its excellent white sandy beaches proving a key draw. Palanga, the biggest Lithuanian seaside resort (and party location), is nearby.