Top 10 things to do in Romania

  1. Visit the Stand Complex in Timisoara – a social hub for students
  2. Go ice skating on the frozen lake at Cismigiu Gardens in Bucharest
  3. Try the delicious traditional drink of Tuica – made from plums, apples or peaches
  4. Visit the home of Dracula – Transylvania
  5. Try the skiing
  6. If you love music try to get to Sibiu Jazz Festival
  7. For some culture and history spend some time at Peles Castle in Sinaia
  8. See the beautiful Scarisoara Ice Cave
  9. Have fun at the Mayfest in Sibiu
  10. If you are feeling brave, visit the Torture Room Museum at Sighisoara
Scarisoara Ice cave
Scarisoara Ice cave