Working in Serbia

If you are thinking of working in Serbia, this page will give you all the information you need to get started.

What are the Entry Regulations?

Citizens and holders of a passport from the United Kingdom and many other European countries can enter and stay in Serbia for a period of up to 90 days every 6 months.  In addition to this citizens of the 28 EU countries plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland can also enter with their National ID card if they are a country which uses these.

Proof of having sufficient funds for the stay in Serbia is also a requirement and also travellers need to have arranged adequate insurance.

Anyone wishing to work in Serbia will need to apply for a Temporary Residence visa.  To get one of these you will need evidence of having secured a job offer from a Serbian company or a foreign company based in Serbia.

The criteria for approval of an employment visa include suitable educational qualifications or work experience, a secured employment contract in Serbia, proof of adequate means of subsistence in Serbia, police confirmation that you have no criminal record, and a satisfactory medical examination. All official documents must be translated into Serbian.

How do I Find work?

Your first point of contact should be EURES.  The EURES Network is the system by which the employment services of the EU and EAA Member States and Switzerland cooperate across Europe.  EURES offers job seekers a number of services.  You can access EURES online through their website

The website offers you a couple of services:  First there is a database of jobs from all over the EU/EEA.  You can search this by occupation, country and region.  It’s not unusual for the database to contain over a million jobs!  Please note: although you can choose to access and search the database in English, the details of jobs you find may be in the language of the country you are looking to work in; Secondly there is a facility to put your CV online. Using this you can upload or create your CV on the website and employers can search for you.

The EURES network also provides access to a network of EURES advisers, who are able to provide specialist advice on working abroad. They also have access to a network of EURES advisers in other European countries.  The EURES network also arranges European jobs fairs where you can meet employers from other countries and get advice from EURES advisers.

Newspapers and journals are also important to any job search. Many UK national newspapers such as The Guardian (, The Times ( ) and The Independent ( carry job advertisements for other countries.

As well as the points mentioned above, informal contacts such as friends and family who are living in Serbia might also help.

You can  use the services of private employment such as Adecco or Manpower. It is easy to search for employment agencies on the Internet using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. You can include search terms such as “employment agencies” or “recruitment” to find lists of employment agencies. A good way to search is to use the international business directory Kompass United Kingdom, you can search their website for employment agencies in Serbia.

What’s it like to work there?

Full time work in Serbia is defined as 40 hours per week. The amount of annual leave is 20 days minimum. Additional paid leave may be granted in the following circumstances – death of a close family member and being a blood donor.

A woman is entitled to Maternity Leave of 365 days.  She may begin her maternity leave up to 45 days before the due date of her baby but 28 days before the due date at the latest.  Actual maternity leave can be taken for 3 months after birth of the baby. Thereafter, she may apply for leave to carry out childcare up to the aforementioned 365 days.

Any subsequent births will attract Maternity Leave of 2 years.

The standard personal income tax rate in Serbia is 10% and employees must also contribution a percentage of their income to the state pension fund, the state health fund and towards unemployment insurance.

The minimum wage in Serbia as at 1st January 2019 is 28,575 Serbian Dinars (RSD) gross per month which is the equivalent of £216

The unemployment rate in Serbia as at May 2019 is around 12%