Fermín Toro University (private)


Urbanizacion Chucho Briceno

Website: http://www.uft.edu.ve/

Rating: Not in the top 400

Number of Students: 0

Tuition Fees: N/A

Living Cost:



The university is named after the Venezuelan humanist, politician, diplomat and author who held many important positions in the government.  In 1846 he signed the Declaration of Recognition of Independence by Spain, having been involved in the negotiations

Subjects include

  • Economic and Political Science
  • Engineering
  • Legal and Political Science

No information regarding tuition fees – private universities can set their own fees

Living costs are 1000 to 3000 US Dollars per month = 2000 to 6000 US Dollars = £1200 to £3600 = £1343 to £4029 Sterling